Thursday, 18 April 2013

Valkoisin siivin Kemiin ja Meri-Lappiin!

Merihovin henkilökunta tekee jatkuvasti yhteistyötä Meri-Lapin alueen matkailutoimijoiden kanssa. Alueen matkailua pyritään kasvattamaan sekä kehittämään yhdessä kestävän kehittämisen toimintaperiaatteilla. Kehitysprojektissa tavoitteina ovat mm. saavutettavuuden parantaminen sekä viipymän kasvattaminen. Alueellamme halutaan säilyttää sekä kehittää jo olemassa olevia kulkuyhteyksiä. Tämä asia on nyt nostettu esille Meri-Lappi lentoon tapahtumassa, jonka järjestäjänä toimivat Flybe, Finavia ja Kemi-Tornion alueen kehittämiskeskus ry.

Martti Ruotsalainen toimii kehittämiskeskuksen toimitusjohtajana. Hänen ja kaikkien alueen toimijoiden sekä asukkaiden yhteinen huoli on hyvien lentoyhteyksien ylläpitäminen sekä kehittäminen Kemi-Tornion alueella.

” Haluamme yhdessä lentoyhtiö Flybeen ja Finavian kanssa, että jatkossakin  Kemi-Tornio alueen asukkaat, matkailijat sekä yritysten edustajat pääsevät lentämään omalta kentältä vaivattomasti ja luotettavasti. Tarkoituksemme on saada talousalueemme sekä Ruotsin lähialueidenkin ihmiset hyödyntämään entistä enemmän Kemi-Tornio lentokentän tarjoamia palveluita.” : Ruotsalainen selventää.

Meri-Lapin alueen kaupunkikeskittymä on vetovoimainen talvimatkailukohde sekä huomionarvoinen asia on sekin, että Kemi-Tornion talousalue tuottaa kahdeksan prosenttia koko Suomen viennistä, joten myös teollisuuden alalle lentoliikenteen toimivuudella on suuri merkitys.

”Kesä matkailunkin kasvattamiseen tarvitsemme mm. nykyistä parempia lentoyhteyksiä sekä kesätuotteiden kehittämistä. Talven kärkituotteiden kysyntä on ollut kasvussa ja esimerkiksi Jäänmurtaja Sampolla ja Lumilinnassa on tänä vuonna vieraillut yli 100.000 turistia ja heistä merkittävä osa ulkomaalaisia.”

Kesäisin Kemi, kuten koko Meri-Lapin alue näyttää ihan erilaiset kasvot kuin talvisaikaan.

”Monipuoliset kesätapahtumat, saaristoristeilyt ja ostosmatkailukohteet, kaunis luonto soineen, meri, joet, Suomen ja Ruotsin raja-alueet saavat oman väkemme, ja erityisesti myös alueellemme tulevat matkailijat viihtymään Kemi-Tornio alueella ja tulemaan tänne toistekin. Tekemistä ja tutustumiskohteita riittää sekä tasokkaita palveluja ja majoitusvaihtoehtoja on runsaasti tarjolla.” 

Vaikka kesämatkailua tulee kehittää jatkuvasti, Ruotsalainen näkee Kemi-Tornion kesässä monia hyviä puolia jotka antavat lisäarvoa niin alueen asukkaille sekä täällä vieraileville matkailijoille.

Meri-Lappi lentoon tapahtumasta pääsee lukemaan lisää täältä.

Merihovi toivottaa myös kaikki tervetulleeksi koko perheen tapahtumaan! Tuetaan yhdessä Kemi alueen matkailua ja pidetään alue elinvoimaisena.

Monday, 25 March 2013

Lamb chops and egg hunting

After long and dark winter time Finnish people tend to enjoy even to most tiny clues that summer is on the way. Small ray of sunshine between the clouds or bird’s twitter nearby will makes us smile. That’s why we welcome Easter time with open arms.

Chick, yellow and church are the first three things people tend to think when talking about Easter. For Finns this holiday usually means a bit more. It’s a mini vacation between winter season and summer holiday. It’s a long weekend that’s spend with family and friends while enjoying great food and a small break from routines.
Lamp served in restaurant Merihovi.

Sea Lapland’s staff is very much looking forward the busy weekend. Because this means that everyone gets their fare share of eastern delicacies served in our restaurants. We also have egg hunting in Club Ilona and free entrance to PubHölmölä so there are many things to choose from if you think about leaving the house.

Our whole staff welcomes you to enjoy your mini break!
Great Easter everyone. 

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Passion for Winter

Even though Kemi isn’t quite the same as Lapland it is located in the south west of Lapland’s region. This means we get to enjoy full winter season. We are probably the best know winter loving industrial town in whole Finland. And that is because our amazing SnowCastle and other winter attractions.

Some people say that natives in Kemi seem to have something out of place when it comes to ideas. Who knows? Maybe the one who first said that “We should build the biggest snow castle in the world” wasn’t even dead serious at the time. It was most like the rest of the crowd who said “Yeah we should!”. Whatever the case, we now know that this huge snow structure has been re-built every winter since 1996. Read more about Snowcastle from here.
Inside the SnowCastle in Kemi.

Snow castle isn’t the only huge object you can locate near Kemi’s centre. In Kemi you can also see the great ice breaker Sampo which used to belong the Finnish government. Now days it is used as a winter cruise ship. Read more about Sampo from here.
The great icebreaker Sampo.

Hotel Merihovi now offers great accommodation packages for those who wish to visit our beloved Snowcastle. Click here for more information.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Sleeping in

Next Friday Finns can celebrate the National Sleepy Head Day. On July 27th the last person in the house to wake up is woken up using water. We have a permission to throw the Sleepy Head into a lake our the sea. If there aren’t any water bodies nearby a bucket of water is also a suitable option.

Our silly little tradition is based on the story of Saint of Ephesus who slept in a cave for some 200 years during the Middle Ages. He was hiding from the Roman Emperor Decius and fell a sleep. Obviously he had a great bed in that cave, why else would someone sleep for 200 years?
Saint Paul from Ephesus. Sourca: Wikipedia

Hotel Merihovi’s staff is quite aware of the fact that you may wake your family member with a bucket of water once a year. On the other hand we do respect our costumers and leave them alone. But we do recommend getting up before 9 AM or else you might miss our delicious breakfast buffet.

Whatever the case and you feel like sleeping in next Friday just put a “Do not disturb” sign in your door and the maids will clean your room later. Our Hotel guarantees great sleep so there is no reason for us not to celebrate National Sleepy Head Day every day.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

A shelf full of wild dreams

To read or not to read, there is the question. Whatever the answer may be for you, we in Hotel Merihovi can help you to find some of the old classics in literature. How? Well of course offering novels for you to borrow from our very own mini library.

It is commons sense that books are quite heavy and you don’t wish to drag many pieces with you, while living from a suite case. That’s why we have a grand bookshelf by the reception on the first floor.

All our costumers are free to take a book to their room and enjoy classical novels suited for their own taste. We have many epic pieces from the day the hotel was build and some new ones as well. We’ve been blessed, to receive such books as Duchess Hotspur by Rosamund Marshal and The Egyptian by Mika Waltari.

We welcome you to enjoy your stay. Not just in our hotel but the imaginary world created  by the ones with wise words and a wild mind. Book your room now The books are included in the room price ;) 

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Trivia: The History Of Kemi

Did you know that...

-       Kemi was founded in 1869 by by royal decree, because of its proximity to a deep water harbour.

-       During the  Lapland war in 1944 the German troops tried to explode the Cityhall of Kemi but failed. They managed to explode three stories from the building but it never fell because of sturdy structure. The building was later reconstructed and it still stands as a landmark in the heart of Kemi.

-       1944 132 Civilians were taken as hostage during the War of Lapland. The hostages were taken by the German troops but were later released unharmed. 

-       9.18.1949 local industrial workers were protesting against major lay offs in the city center. In the end two people were killed in the encounter with the police. This was later known as the Bloody Thursday. This event still remains one of the most violent episodes in our history.

-       After it’s foundation Kemi grew to be one of the largest cities in Northern Finland. After 1960’s the industrial facilities started to use automated machines. This made a huge gap to industrial employment. In addition many parts of Nothern Finlands bureu department moved to Rovaniemi. After this many people were forced to look jobs elsewhere and Kemi’s population growth waned.

-       This day Kemi has a population of 22,386 (2012).

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Midsummer delicacies.

Tomorrow is the day what most of the Finns have been waiting for weeks. We are finally celebrating Midsummer, one of the most anticipated holiday in Finland.

Every Finn dreams of a cabin by the lake where they can relax but most important thing is to have a Midsummer sauna. Weather and location are secondary things. Midsummer brings families and friends together which makes Midsummer a group event. When Finns have a great group of close people around them and a cold pint in hand, they are the most grateful people on this planet.

Among with the great company the most important part of celebrating Midsummer in Finland is great food and drinks. We barbecue sausage, mushrooms filled with cheese and all kinds of meat. We also prefer beer instead of wine when it comes to drinking.

After few days celebrating Finns have had their fare share of BBQ delicacies. Because of this we'd like to share Mama Kontio's salmon soup recipe for that third day, when you don't feel the need to fill your stomach with red meat anymore.

This fish soup is made with love and without haste. The soup's secret ingredient is self-made fish stock and it should not be made without it.

Fish stock

1,5 l cold water
3 dl dry white wine
0,5-1 kg fish parings; perch, whitefish or salmon heads and bones, but not abdominal fat
3 ripe tomatoes
1 onion
1 carrot
2 bay leaves
15 whole black peppers
15 whole white peppers
tabasco, 5-6 drops

Rinse the fish parings, if you use the salmon heads and bones, remove the gills. Add the fish and fish-bones, chopped tomatoes, carrots and onions in cold water. When the broth begins to boil, skim off the foam forming on the surface. Reduce heat and add the peppers, bay leaves, parsley, dill, white wine and tabasco. Boil in low heat. Strain the broth. Use as soup base.

Mama Kontio's Salmon Soup

1,5 l  selfmade fish stock
n. 700 g salmon
100 g  cold smoked salmon (if you don't like it just leave it out)
6 big potatoes
2 tl  sea salt
chopped dill
1,5 dl whipping cream
white pepper

Remove bones and skin from salmon. Dice into fair-sized pieces. 
Boil the fish stock. Add a thumb-size chopped potatoes and freshly ground white pepper. Let simmer for about 15 minutes. Add cubed skinless salmon, cold smoked salmon and cream. Simmer until fish is tender. (5-10 min). Add, minced dill and salt. Just before serving, add salt if necessary.

Enjoy with your family and friends.